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The Causes that we fund raise for are numerous, but, they all involve Vets, and, preferably Vets helping Vets. See our Causes page for more information.

About Us

We are a team of Vets that knows that there is a better way for a lot of the issues facing Vets. Employment is a big issue for many that served in combat zones, with PTSD making life difficult enough, then add in society not having caught up with reality and is not flexible enough to work with Vets suffering from this invisible issue.

How we do it

We design and sell decals, tee shirts, mugs, and more items, taking on the financial strain so that the Vet focused non profit can focus on their mission with no headaches.
Our pricing covers our Veteran employees, materials, and the income for the non profit. Never will we pitch an item to the non profits for them to buy and hope that they can manage to sell. Not that they can’t, but it eats in to their time that can be better spent else where.
The minimum percentage that will go to the Causes is 30%, which seems low, but we aim to keep our prices as low as possible, and, remember, this 30%+ goes to the non profit with zero effort from them. Our employees do all the heavy lifting and promotions to see as much of each item as possible.

Your site is bland
This is just a corporate front end, our main sites are even worse, err, better. We really do have more important things to worry about than this blandish front end place holding site.

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